Co-ARtist Options

Collaborative Painting for everyone. No experience necessary. Step by step guidance. If you can paint a dot you can do this.

Choose a date that works for you, you can check my calendar here then, Contact me to book your session!

Collaborative Painting

at Engelwood Studio in Tomahawk

  • Materials cost per session including the canvas, paints etc: $50.00

  • Sessions are 3 hours (or we can stop sooner if you feel the painting is finished)

  • Private Session (one person painting with me): $95.00

  • Semi-Private Session: (2 participants) $55.00 each

  • Group Session: (3 - 12 participants) $35.00 each

  • Everyone takes turns painting on the same 20x20” canvas. I will assist each painter and provided prompts for painting.

  • Aprons are provided, but please wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting messy, paints are permanent.

  • Please NOTE: Prints of the finished artwork and other products are available to purchase after event. Products with the artwork are ordered online and shipped directly to your door.

  • Copyright release signatures are required by all participants.

  • Off site sessions for large groups are possible too. More people can be accommodated off site.

    • Mileage charges apply - $0.55/mile

    • Material Costs are the same as above at $50.00

    • Hourly fee is $30.00/hour

    • YOU must provide running water for a place to wash brushes.

    • Also, a non-carpeted area is required where spills can be wiped up.