Wild Wild Rags Debut

I'm sure you've heard of the "Wild Wild West" but have you heard of "Wild Wild Rags?" Wild Rags are the modern cowboys version of the handkerchief or bandana that was worn in the old days. Today they are silk and have adopted the new name of "Wild Rags" and are all the rage with both cowboys and cowgirls!

Recently I had the opportunity to design a few wild rags! This was a dream job come true for many reasons.

  1. I've been a horse girl all my life.
  2. I worked on this project with one of my all time favorite people, art director and producer, Liv Hustvedt.
  3. I met one of my heroes in person! Does life get any better than this?

Oh, you are wondering who my hero is? Well . . . it's "Buck"! Have you seen the documentary? You can catch it on Netflix! I stumbled upon it there a few years back and have watched it too many times to count. You don't have to be horsey to enjoy this film, it's way bigger than horses.

So here's how the story plays out . . . a friend and fellow horsewoman of Liv's, Gail (now wildwildrags.com ) has this "scribble on a napkin" moment a few years back about creating Wild Rags as a way to benefit Buck and Mary Brannaman's charities. Fast forward a few years and Liv contacts me about designing for the project. She say's something like, "I have a project that might be a perfect fit for you, it's horsey." She arrived in my studio a week later with the design brief and that's when I learned it was for "Buck". It's the first time in my life I've teared up over a design brief! I was so very honored to be considered for this project. Now I had to produce something that would be worthy and get approved! Fast forward again, seven or so months and tah dah! The first of a series of Wild Wild Rags has made it's debut.

It's been a wild wild ride and such a pleasure. Oh, and if you are wondering about Buck, he is as authentic as a human being can be. Watch the documentary, what you see is what you get. 

There's more to come, besides new Wild Rags. After spending three days at the Buck Brannaman Midwest Clinic I came home and painted and painted and I am still painting . . . scroll on down and grab a peek.

XO Jamie

Buck Brannaman and Jamie Kalvestran - with The Houlihan, produced by Liv Hustvedt sold by wildwildrags.com for benefit to charities of Buck and Mary Brannaman.

The Houlihan - features Buck's signature, two of his silhouettes on horseback, his riata, his Brand, and many of his teaching quotes- www.wildwildrags.com

The Houlihan - www.wildwildrags.com

The Houlihan - www.wildwildrags.com

The Houlihan - www.wildwildrags.com

Art Licensing - ©Jamie Kalvestran 2016