I have been an artist as long as I can remember!

I have been an artist as long as I can remember!

Still an artist today.

Still an artist today.

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Client List:

  • Andover Fabrics - Quilt Fabrics

  • Ballard Pacific Resources, Inc. - Sporting Goods - Surface Design

  • Children's Theater Minneapolis

  • Creative Capital - Swimwear Prints

  • Liv Concepts Inc. - Garden, Home Décor and Christmas

  • Manhattan Toy - Toys for Specialty Retail

  • Pattern Observer Studio - Apparel Print Design

  • Rollerblade - Protective Gear and Bags - (3 patents)

  • Tonka Toys - Toys for Mass Market

  • Quilting Treasures - Quilt Fabrics Textile Design

  • Ultra-Wheels - Sporting Goods Design

  • Walpert Industries - Christmas Crackers - Home Decor

  • Wildkin, Inc. - Toys and Print Pattern

  • Wild Wild Rags - Textile Design


Hi!  I’m Jamie Kalvestran. 

  • I am an artist with a background in product design.

  • These days I create artwork that is licensed to manufacturers to be used on their products as well as website design.

  • I sponsor collabortative art experiences in my studio and off site.

There's a lot to see . . . Have a look around and if you have questions, don't hesitate to send me an email! 


I have had the good fortune to collaborate with some fabulous people in amazing companies. I am more than grateful for the opportunities past, present and future. If you are thinking of reaching out to me, don't hesitate, send me an email, I can't wait to get acquainted!!!

Kathy Hall - Design Director, Andover Fabrics, New York, NY

Jamie Kalvestran is an experienced illustrator, designer, and quilter.  She has the combined experience of a fine artist and business manager, also.  She has been able to create beautiful designs on paper that have translated well onto fabric.  She has made our lives easier because she is prepared and organized.  She not only creates designs for fabrics but has also created clever projects and marketing ideas to aid in the sales of the fabrics.  I would recommend her because of her varied talents and professional attitude.  She would be an asset to any company.

Noriyuki Nakagami - Founder, President & CEO at DENKI-MIRAI Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Jamie is an excellent designer. Since I first came across her art at Surtex 2008 in New York, I've been a big fan of hers. Her designs, in particular, surface pattern designs inspired by nature things - such as flower, plant, animal, bird, fish, butterfly - are so beautiful and telling how outstanding her ideas are. I highly recommend Jamie.

Peter Hart - Operations Executive, Phoenix, Arizona

Jamie created several designs for me when I owned Wildkin. She is a tremendously creative and talented artist and her designs were very popular with our customers. She was a pleasure to work with, delivering design ideas very quickly and always providing the artwork to the required specifications. I have no hesitation in recommending her work.

Jill Koenig - Co-Owner & VP Creative for Koenig Distillery, Boise, Idaho

Jamie was Designer while I was a Manager in the Design department at Manhattan Toy.   She is an extremely professional, thoughtful and innovative colleague.  Her work was timely, well-thought out and highly creative.   She strove to always put her best foot forward.   I would highly recommend Jamie as an employee or freelance artist.

Johannes Gaston - Industrial Design / Product Development, Minneapolis, MN

Jamie's approach to toy design always had an appealing storytelling component.... She made you curious and want to know more. Her work was very reflective of her character - thoughtful and intelligent.... topped off with a bit of mischief. A great person to work with!